Let us help you take charge of your relationship with Oracle, saving you time, money, resources, and stress.

Gold Standard Independent Oracle Licensing Solutions

Palisade Compliance is the world’s leading independent provider of solutions and advice for Oracle software and cloud licensing, contracting, cost reduction, and compliance.

Palisade Compliance Asia-Pacific assists businesses in Australia, New Zealand, and across the APAC region to proactively manage their Oracle estate, saving them large amounts of money and IT resources, and reducing their business risk.

We’re totally independent of Oracle and its subsidiaries – we’re not a reseller or a third-party vendor. This independence, combined with our expertise and worldwide reputation, means we can act in your best interest, and provide you with the most reliable strategic advice that will help you take back control of your relationship with Oracle.

Palisade Compliance is a supplier of ICT professional services on Marketplace, which lets businesses offer their products and services directly to New Zealand government agencies.

Are you paying too much for your Oracle software? 

Your company probably relies on Oracle products – databases, middleware, and software – to gain a competitive advantage through better data leveraging and more efficient business processes. These are extremely expensive and are usually a major item in any IT budget. You should know your technology roadmap, and only purchase software when there is a clear business reason to do so, rather than acquiring it by default.

Do you know what software your company is using?

While we understand the benefits that Oracle software brings to driving business success, at the same time many CIOs have no idea whether they’re in compliance with Oracle contracts and policies, or know exactly what software and licences they’re using. (Oracle makes it crystal clear that compliance is totally the responsibility of the software licensee.)

On top of this, Oracle’s software is incredibly easy to access, so it’s possible to create a compliance headache just by running a report or downloading and installing readily available software, options or features. As a result, your company might be nursing a massive compliance risk that could morph into large, unscheduled IT expenditures when you’re subjected to an audit.

Partner with us to reduce threats to your business

Palisade Compliance’s Oracle experts can provide you with solutions and advice to limit your liability and reduce your risk and costs. We’ll help you continue to leverage your technology effectively and efficiently. Our expertise and advice can ultimately pay for itself in terms of peace of mind, reduced complexity, and lower support costs, allowing you to continue with the business of running your business.

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Cover all your bases with our audit protection service

Palisade’s offering changes everything about best practice in responding to an Oracle audit. Your membership of the Palisade audit protection plan provides exclusive access to our audit defence services for free from day one when you receive an official Oracle audit letter.

Discover more about our revolutionary protection plan

“We were recommended Palisade after being notified by Oracle of their intention to audit our Oracle environment. We have a reasonably complex environment and we needed expertise to guide us through the elongated process.

From the beginning, Palisade assisted with advice on process and set out a strategy, which we followed successfully, to manage the LMS audit, rather than let Oracle manage us. Palisade’s attention to detail gave me confidence that we were always one step ahead of Oracle. We closed out the audit to our satisfaction, without being pressurised into buying needless software or licences.

If you want a trusted advisor, I would highly recommend Anna-Rita and her team at Palisade.”

~ CIO, large logistics company – Australia

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Having trouble with Oracle sales reps waving the stick of an audit at you? Instead of being at the mercy of Oracle audits, we’ll get you prepared to mount an effective defence, and avoid all the headaches that could come your way.


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Most companies struggle to comply with their Oracle licences, due to complex licensing rules and processes. We’ll help you understand your Oracle licence inventory and provide compliance assurance, avoiding expensive, time-consuming audits.


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Don’t venture alone into an Oracle negotiation! Contracting mistakes can lead to millions of dollars in unbudgeted, unexpected fees and fines from Oracle. We’ll put you in control of Unlimited Licence Agreements (ULA) and other Oracle contract negotiations.


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We provide independent, expert advice and assistance, empowering senior leadership teams to take charge of their relationship with Oracle, reducing costs, and managing the Oracle compliance risks involved during business transformations.