Introducing the Asia-Pacific Palisade Compliance Team

Palisade Compliance APAC’s unmatched Oracle licensing and contractual knowledge is supported by a combined 170 years of experience among the extended global team. Palisade Compliance is proud to be independent and pro-client. Our motto is and will always be, “Palisade clients first.”

Our APAC head office is based in Wellington, New Zealand. By embracing modern technologies and by being available in person as needed, we provide our services effortlessly across the region. You can also follow us on Twitter. APAC-related tweets and updates are hashtagged #PalisadeAPAC.

Our APAC team is led by Anna-Rita Stanley-Best

team Anna Rita Stanley BestAnna-Rita, the managing director of Palisade Compliance in the Asia-Pacific region, brings more than 20 years’ business operational experience to the role. The majority of this time she spent with Oracle in Australia, New Zealand, and across the Asia-Pacific region to Japan – ultimately representing Oracle in a global capacity. Anna-Rita has also worked with Oracle partners, providing compliance, advisory and licensing assistance to customers, giving her a highly developed understanding of client requirements. She possesses in-depth knowledge of Oracle’s business practices, deal negotiations, pricing and policy structures, as well as licence management services. Anna-Rita has assisted hundreds of clients to achieve substantial cost savings by providing expert advice and assistance.

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Jane Leogreen

Jane is an Oracle veteran who joined the team in June 2016 as APAC’s client executive. She joined Palisade due to the increasing demand for Palisade’s independent Oracle licensing, contracting, cloud, and cost reduction advisory expertise. Jane is the first point of contact for any new client approaching Palisade in Australia, New Zealand and the wider Asia-Pacific region. She takes on the responsibility of introducing clients to the company and the range of services it provides.  

Wendy Wong and Ryan Whyte

Wendy Wong, contract specialist and Ryan Whyte, senior technical analyst, currently make up the rest of the regional team. Both Wendy and Ryan are instrumental in ensuring that the delivery of Palisade’s services within the APAC region are head and shoulders above any traditional engagement with Oracle and or its resellers.  

You will be able to meet us in person at upcoming events in the region.

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