In the Press

We’ve been in the news! Here’s a sample of published press items that involve Palisade Compliance APAC.

No more grey areas

August 2018 – With the level of investment involved, any grey areas in software compliance can hold significant risk for a company. Most companies think they’re doing just fine, but Oracle licences have layers of complexity that can easily result in non-compliance. In this article, several of our clients write about the benefits of engaging us to help improve their relationship with Oracle. Read the article.

Time to break free?

May 2018 – We have joined forces with Brisbane, Australia-based Microsoft partner Wardy IT in an alliance and website that helps companies seeking to free themselves from Oracle’s grip! We are providing licence compliance advice and assistance to take back control of an organisation’s relationship with Oracle. Read the article.

Oracle likes us

June 2017 – In this article following up on the 2017 Australian CIO Summit, an Oracle senior manager is reported as saying that our work is valuable to Oracle, as we work with Oracle customers to optimise their licensing arrangements and ensure compliance, and we are not resellers. Read the article.