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Contract Optimisation – Get the Most Out of Your Oracle Contracts

Contracts are front and centre in your relationship with Oracle. Every interaction with Oracle involves some sort of contract. Since Oracle has acquired numerous IT companies over the years, your contract library will most likely consist of a collection of master agreements, licence orders, cloud contracts, support renewals, etc, in the name of numerous different vendors.

When negotiating contracts with Oracle, most companies don’t know what they can ask for, what’s worth asking for, and what’s worth fighting for. Without expert advice, you can spend a lot of time fighting for things that ultimately don’t matter. If you say the wrong things to Oracle, you can put yourself at greater risk of an audit and compliance violations.

Before you pick up the phone or enter the conference room, seek our help to understand Oracle’s tactics and we’ll partner with you to develop a contract negotiation strategy that puts you in a position of strength.

Do you know what’s in your Oracle contracts?

Most Oracle customers don’t. Oracle certainly does, and they ensure that all their contracts are thoroughly in their favour.

The contracts can be laden with complexities, and understanding them can be far from straightforward. A simple database contract, for example, can consist of hundreds of pages of terms hidden behind URLs, technical documentation, online policies, and recommendations. Also, the language Oracle uses in these contracts is frequently vague and open to interpretation. This puts most companies at risk. Does this include you?

Take control by understanding your contracts

With our expertise in all aspects of Oracle contracts, contract drafting, and contract negotiation, we can help you gain a thorough understanding of your contractual obligations.

Our expertise covers all areas of Oracle contracts, including:

  • Licensing orders
  • Support/maintenance renewals
  • Cloud contracts
  • Master agreements
  • Unlimited licence agreements (ULAs)
  • Perpetual unlimited licence agreements
  • Enterprise licence agreements

We can help you:

  • identify exactly what your contracts contain;
  • know what the contracts involve and what the hidden compliance risks are; and
  • get the most out of your contracts.

The information and insights provided by our expert team will help you turn your situation around from one of concern about compliance, to holding Oracle accountable for its compliance with you. Our contract assessment methodology reveals the risks and opportunities, sheds light on your Oracle entitlement, and provides guidance on how you should proceed to negotiate with Oracle.


We helped a large company in Australia with their Oracle contract negotiations. They found that their Oracle licensing costs were providing less and less value for money. They undertook a project to migrate their Enterprise Edition licences, and standardise on Standard Edition 2 (SE2). A more suitable hardware environment to ensure that the best value was obtained from the new SE2 licences was also required. This required a delicate negotiation with Oracle to convert some existing SE and SE1 licences to SE2 licences, and cancel the EE licences. We guided our client through this negotiation. From the outset, we knew that the negotiation could trigger a licence audit. When the audit eventuated, we helped our client through the process from beginning to end. They said, “Palisade gave us the insights and confidence to understand and pursue our rights under the complex Oracle licensing agreements.”

oracle contracts


Optimising your Unlimited Licence Agreement (ULA)

The Unlimited Licence Agreement (ULA) is Oracle’s preferred licensing contract. When properly negotiated, managed, and certified, an Oracle ULA permits deployment of large quantities of software at a much lower cost per unit.

However, the way the ULA contract is drafted by Oracle puts the customer at risk of audit, non-compliance, and potentially expensive renewals or extensions.

Make the smart move for your business and get in control of your Oracle ULA.

How we can help you

We’ll assist you to decide whether a ULA is the right fit for your organisation, and understand the risks, rewards, and avoid the pitfalls around ULA contracts.

We’ll enable you to negotiate the most advantageous ULA contract, with optimal ULA terms and conditions, while keeping costs at a minimum.

You’ll receive expert guidance from us while navigating your way through the ULA process.

Pool of funds and enterprise agreements

The pool of funds (POF) and enterprise agreements are two quite different contracts that share one thing: both require the Oracle customer to provide Oracle with periodic reports. There’s nothing unusual about the reporting requirement, but in the case of Oracle, when you signed your contract, you signed up for an audit.

Failure to report properly could result in anything from a missed opportunity to a massive compliance problem.  You get just one chance to submit an accurate report. Oracle will use inaccurate submissions to claim non-compliance and will attempt to extract additional revenue.

We can empower your organisation to submit accurate and timely reports – reduce your risks, optimise your opportunities, and stay in compliance with Oracle.

Get the most out of your Oracle contracts – engage with us today

Resources – the Facts of Life

Don’t wait to find out about ULAs the hard way

To help you understand your Oracle ULA options, we’ve published a white paper, Finding Your Way Out of an Oracle ULA. A ULA from Oracle gives you the right to use an unlimited number of licenses, but many companies find out the hard way about the fine print. In reality, you could easily end up losing money. Your ULA options include renewing, getting certified, or doing something different. Request a copy of Finding Your Way Out of an Oracle ULA to find out what your choices are.

Discover home truths about POF contracts

A pool of funds contract is a risky agreement you should review thoroughly before entering into. Our white paper Oracle Pool of Funds summarises POF contracts, best practice terms and conditions, costs, and negotiation. Request your copy of our Oracle Pool of Funds whitepaper now.

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