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Help, I’m being audited by Oracle!

Have you received a letter from Oracle notifying you of an impending audit? Or are you being threatened with an audit by their sales reps to pressure you into accepting a deal? Is your business changing in some way, that puts you at risk of an audit by Oracle? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then you might need us to help you mount an effective audit defence.

Partner with us to reduce your risk and costs

Using Oracle products and services in your business always carries with it the possibility of being audited. As with any vendor, Oracle wants to make sure you’re using their products and services properly. However, Oracle has created a vast audit edifice, with policies and procedures that put all the obligations and risks on you.

Oracle licensing audits tend to be incredibly complicated. They take ages, disrupt your business, and often result in large non-compliance penalties. Very few organisations can undergo an audit alone without incurring high risk and costs. We’ll mimimise your overall financial exposure by helping you take charge as much as possible of Oracle’s licensing audit conditions.

Our team is thoroughly conversant with the entire Oracle audit process. Our proven approach will strengthen your position, reduce your risk, and ensure you’re treated fairly throughout the audit process.

By signing up for our ground-breaking audit protection plan, you’ll receive free audit defence services from our experts when you get an official audit letter from Oracle.

We can save you millions of dollars in superfluous licence claims, and reduce your overall audit liability by 90 per cent more than the result you’d get from tackling an audit on your own.


After reaching out to Oracle to help reduce support costs, a mid-sized manufacturing company found themselves under a formal Oracle license audit. Oracle anticipated finding the company out of compliance by millions of dollars and presented them with an Oracle cloud strategy, to address the claimed non-compliance. The bewildered manufacturing company engaged us for an independent review, and to help them defend and negotiate the audit results presented to them by Oracle. As well as challenging Oracle’s audit methods, we uncovered mistakes in Oracle’s interpretations and final audit report. This gained further leverage for the company, who trusted us to negotiate with Oracle fully on their behalf. We were also able to propose alternative licensing models that substantially reduced Oracle’s original audit findings, and develop a strategy to reduce future support costs. The manufacturing company is now more confident in the event of similar IT vendor audits, and has contracted us for bi-annual Oracle reviews.

oracle audit


No need to go it alone

Most companies don’t have the skills or resources to successfully navigate through an Oracle audit. Our experienced APAC team will get alongside you to advise and represent you through every stage of the audit process. Our Oracle audit defence specialists will:

  • Ensure Oracle is approaching your audit in a reasonable way
  • Assist you to set up an effective internal team to respond to the audit
  • Help you challenge the Oracle audit where necessary
  • Support your data-gathering process, including analysing the data itself
  • Advise your executives and develop an audit response and negotiation plan
  • Carry out proactive auditing to get a better handle on your potential liabilities
  • Advise your business and legal team during the negotiation process
  • Support you to leverage your audit resolution efforts into a cost-reduction strategy

Targeted official audits (or “licence reviews”) conducted by Oracle’s License Management Services (LMS) are usually preceded by a letter from LMS notifying you of their intention to conduct an audit. At this stage it’s best to be cautious, and seek help to respond properly, as an official audit is actually a contract dispute with Oracle, not a technology issue. The peril of responding incorrectly, or revealing information to LMS, far outweighs the costs involved in seeking professional support.

We’ll help you to respond with an approach designed to fulfill your contractual obligations, while mitigating risk.  

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Resources – the Facts of Life

Find out what can trigger an audit

Software audits tend not to be random events. They are mostly triggered by business events and behaviours – either within your control or not – which have placed your company at high risk of being audited. In our white paper What Causes an Oracle License Audit, we provide an overview of what can trigger an audit, and ideas for avoiding the time and expense of a software audit. Identify common audit triggers specific to Oracle licensing – download What Causes an Oracle License Audit using the form below.

Six ways to de-escalate an audit

Due to the complexity and vagueness of Oracle licensing rules, it’s highly likely that you’ll be found non-compliant in any audit, no matter what you do. Oracle, like all software vendors, sees the licence audit as a source of revenue as well as a valuable tool for increasing negotiating power. Our white paper Oracle Compliance & Audit Intervention uncovers six strategies for de-escalating a potential audit; and strategies for negotiating an audit once it’s under way. Download Oracle Compliance & Audit Intervention below.

The tip of the audit iceberg

Official audits are the tip of the iceberg. There are other “hidden” Oracle audits that can pose a threat to your business, for the very reason that they can be hard to identity. In our white paper Hidden Oracle Audits, we look at six unofficial audits, the risks associated with them, and what you can do to defend your company. Spot the threats, avoid risk, and save money – download Hidden Oracle Audits by using the form below.

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