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Oracle Licensing – Compliance Assurance

Oracle doesn’t make it easy for you to manage your software licences and stay compliant with them. Hard-to-understand contracts, obscure policies, edgy auditors, and altering technologies are just a few of the hurdles that face Oracle licensees.

Add to this the pressures faced by every company to be more efficient and generate more profits. As an Oracle customer, managing your licences and staying in compliance is a requirement for you to be successful in business. Failure to stay compliant and manage your Oracle assets properly will result in penalties and potentially very large unbudgeted expenses.

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How we can help you avoid non-compliance

We recommend being in commercial compliance. True to this philosophy, we provide compliance assurance and Oracle licence management solutions for our clients. We’re totally independent of Oracle and our team has a wealth of experience with Oracle licensing procedures.


A public-sector organisation wanted to ensure Oracle compliance as they were investigating moving to the cloud for enterprise applications; and making use of all-of-government arrangements for IaaS. Their software asset management team realised that, over time, nuances within Oracle contracts had led to a complex commercial footprint and uncertainties about current deployment and future entitlements. We were initially contracted to conduct a high-level review to assess the level of compliance risk. We analysed the commercial contracts between Oracle and the organisation, and these findings were compared with what actually was in use. We assisted the organisation with remediation efforts and negotiated shortfall licensing with Oracle on their behalf. The organisation commented that they “could not have done this ourselves in terms of intellectual know-how, nor did we have the capacity to assign resources to the tasks required and work through the scenarios and engage with Oracle to the favourable outcomes Palisade ensured for us. We now feel completely assured we are in compliance, and in control”.

compliance assurance


Independent Oracle licence audits

We conduct independent “audits” of your Oracle software use to give you compliance assurance. This involves interpreting information from manual and automated data collection, then reviewing your contracts and business practices to ensure there’s nothing missing. Incorrect output from automated scripts can be misinterpreted, with double counting or false positives leading to perceived non-compliance by Oracle. All information from these independent “audits” is confidential to your organisation. It will not get back to Oracle.

What’s unique about Oracle among software publishers is the lack of a single audit system. This is complicated by Oracle’s aggressive acquisition of other companies offering databases, middleware and applications. Therefore, there are numerous points of entry for initiating an audit process. As well, the lack of installation control with Oracle products means a technical staff member can accidentally activate an option or install additional software, triggering potential non-compliance. Compliance or non-compliance involves a judgment call rather than a numerical factor, further complicating the licensing picture.

The penalties for making mistakes are substantial. Oracle software is expensive, and non-compliance can result in licence and back-dated support fees that could set your organisation back millions of dollars.

Carrying even more potential risk is buying software you simply don’t need. We can help you avoid the unnecessary expense of carrying too many licences with a proactive count of the software you’re currently using, before you acquire any new products.

Compliance scorecard

Our independent licence auditing can make a real difference by saving you time and money. You’ll sleep better at night, knowing your compliance is assured, and that you’re managing your Oracle licence estate as efficiently as possible. We’ll provide you with all the options to mitigate your risks, optimise your deployments, and reduce your spend with Oracle.

We’ll produce a compliance scorecard detailing:

  • What licences do you own?
  • What software and other Oracle products are you using?
  • What are the gaps between your usage and reporting?
  • What are your options for ensuring compliance?
  • How do you move forward to optimise your Oracle licensing?

With this information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to achieve compliance, reduce costs, and take back control of your Oracle licensing.

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Find out what can trigger an audit

Software audits tend not to be random events. They are mostly triggered by business events and behaviours either within your control or not and which have placed your company at risk of being audited. In our white paper What Causes an Oracle License Audit, we provide an overview of what can trigger an audit, and ideas for avoiding the time and expense of a software audit. Identify common audit triggers specific to Oracle licensing – download What Causes an Oracle License Audit using the form below.

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