Get the Most from Oracle and Avoid Business Risk

We’re the leading independent provider of Oracle software and cloud licensing, contracting, cost reduction, and compliance advisory services. We help our clients – CIOs, CFOs, legal teams, and executives of medium to large-sized organisations – reduce their Oracle spend, achieve compliance with complex licence agreements, and take back control of their Oracle relationship. Our team of senior ex-Oracle executives have decades of experience on both sides of the negotiating table. We’re completely independent of Oracle and we do not resell Oracle products and services. Our only goal is your success.


A company with ownership of multiple entities and limited Oracle knowledge wanted to rationalise their Oracle products, following mergers and acquisitions and streamlining of their business processes. We conducted a thorough review of their entire Oracle contract estate to determine which products the company needed to carry forward. They especially wanted to retain favourable terms and conditions from older licence sets and bring these into the new arrangements. We uncovered numerous complexities across their licensing for applications, middleware and technology, which were costing the company money. We engaged with Oracle on their behalf to negotiate a contractual framework with relevant terms and conditions, including those from legacy agreements that favoured our client. The company now pays support only on the products they have installed and are using – an additional saving for them. They are working through their cloud strategy, and “would not hesitate in recommending Palisade’s services to help anyone deal with Oracle”.

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How our Oracle solutions work

Trusted advice

It can be hard to find definitive, reliable advice about dealing with Oracle. We’ll partner with you to provide you with a holistic picture of your Oracle spend so you can make the best decisions for your company. We’ll give you a complete view of all your Oracle support cost reduction options as well as the associated risks and benefits. We won’t put you in a situation where you become non-compliant for the sake of saving a few dollars on support.

Regain control of your relationship with Oracle

Contract risks and opportunities

Understanding your contractual arrangements with Oracle is essential, yet most Oracle customers don’t know what’s in their contracts, or how to extract the most value from them, and identify any hidden risk. Many organisations don’t even have copies of all their Oracle contracts.

Our contract assessment methodology uncovers the risks and opportunities, sheds light on your Oracle entitlement, and offers guidance on how you should proceed, providing you with the knowledge you need to enter an Oracle negotiation with confidence. We’ll optimise your contracts and help you navigate the complexities of ULAs, pool of funds, enterprise agreements, and reporting.

Get insight into your contracts and negotiations

Navigating audits

Oracle licence audits take up time, are disruptive to businesses, and frequently result in findings that can set budgets back by millions of dollars. Due to Oracle licence audits being open to interpretation, the findings can be difficult to challenge. Also, Oracle sales reps are well versed in what’s at risk and can use the threat of licence auditing to convince customers to agree to new deals, including cloud transition. Whether your business is changing, placing you at increased risk of an Oracle audit, or whether you’re under the threat of one now, you don’t have to go it alone.

Defend your company against an Oracle audit

Licensing compliance

Do you know what licences you’ve bought, and which ones you’re actually using? Oracle licensing is fraught with complexity, partly because there are numerous ways to license Oracle products. We’ll help you develop a strategy to maximise your license investment, and give you peace of mind that you’re compliant.

Maximise your licence investment and stay compliant

Our comprehensive plan will keep you protected

We’ve pioneered a package of training, workshop, and audit defence products and services – the Palisade Protection Plan (P3) to give Oracle customers premium access to our expertise in Oracle licensing, contracts, and audit protection. As a member of our P3 plan, you’ll be empowered to stay in charge of your relationship with Oracle, and clear a pathway to the technologies of your choice.

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“In some cases, clients can end up buying a lot of functionality which winds up as shelfware. That’s not good for the customer. In other circumstances, those clients can be using more than they should, and find themselves on the wrong end of an audit team. Also probably not good for the customer.”

~ Anna-Rita Stanley-Best, managing director, Palisade Compliance Asia-Pacific