3-WAY Protection

Palisade Protection Plan (P3) for Oracle Customers

At Palisade Compliance, we believe companies should be free to choose the technology products and services that best meet their needs without fear of Oracle audits, penalties, and retaliation. Unfortunately, managing Oracle contracts and compliance are such daunting tasks, they trip up the savviest Oracle customers, costing them millions of dollars and limiting their ability to innovate.

Whether you’re moving towards Oracle and investing more in their technology, or you’ve decided to move away from Oracle and take a path to new solutions, the new Palisade Protection Plan (P3) is designed to empower you with the knowledge and resources required to navigate the Oracle contractual and compliance waters, and chart your way to the technologies of your choice.

P3 is a portfolio of products and services revolutionising how companies manage their Oracle licences, optimise their Oracle contracts, and protect themselves from Oracle audits. P3 includes all three distinct services and levels of protection for our clients.

P3 introduced by Craig Guarente, Palisade Compliance founder and CEO:

1. Palisade’s basic training programme for Oracle:

  • Holistic training covering topics from “How to stay in compliance with Oracle?” to “How do I negotiate the best deals with Oracle?” and everything in between.
  • Over a dozen individual online modules offer on-demand training throughout your organisation, including SAM, IT, vendor management, procurement, and legal teams as they grapple with Oracle contracts and compliance.
  • All classes are recorded and delivered by Palisade’s world-class subject matter experts.
  • Real-time feedback and reporting on staff training status.

2. Web-based workshops and webinars:

  • Supplement your staff’s Oracle knowledge with real-time information from our world-class experts.
  • Talk directly, and anonymously, with other Oracle customers facing similar issues.

3. No-cost Palisade audit defence services:

  • Palisade Compliance will provide our audit defence services at no additional cost for any plan member receiving an official Oracle audit letter.
  • No more worrying about what to do if you are audited by Oracle. Palisade will guide you through the entire process.
  • No waiting to find a firm to help you with your audit. Access Palisade’s services from day one of your audit. The earlier you start your Oracle audit defence, the better your audit result will be.

P3 offers an affordable and predictable way to manage Oracle. Pricing starts at only NZ$5000 per year. P3 membership is available to companies and public sector agencies of all sizes and geographies. Terms and conditions apply.

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