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Gold Standard Oracle Audit Protection

Introducing the Palisade audit protection plan for Oracle customers

Regardless of how well prepared you are for an audit by Oracle LMS, the process is time consuming, expensive, and stress-inducing – just as Oracle intends!

It’s a difficult undertaking even when Oracle customers are equipped with knowledge of best practice and seek the assistance of an independent Oracle expert.

When you get that formal letter from Oracle LMS notifying you that you’re going to be audited, you’ll need to divert precious resources and time into identifying an Oracle consultant, completing the whole proposal process, then finding all the contracts to get the consultant up to speed. Time is on Oracle’s side, and while you’re scrambling to prepare, they’re accumulating data to use against you in their audit!

How does our audit protection service work?

The Palisade audit protection plan is a subscription service that gives you immediate access to our world-leading, independent Oracle audit expertise at a fraction of the cost.

It’s simple – sign up for our service using the form below, and if you’re audited by Oracle during the term of your subscription, we’ll defend you right throughout the audit at no additional expense.

What are the benefits of Palisade’s audit protection?

  • Get maximum flexibility with instant access to our Oracle audit experts from day one. We’ll be alongside you from when you first receive a letter, to the completion of the audit. You’ll save millions on Oracle fees by getting your defence under way promptly.
  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing that we’ve got your back, and that you’re in control of the Oracle audit. Oracle will be forced onto a level playing field where all your contractual rights are protected.
  • We have a proven track record for achieving a 90% or more reduction in Oracle audit fees and penalties with our audit response process.

We’ve got your back!

The Palisade Compliance team globally has more than 300 clients, 200 years of Oracle experience, and we’re 100 per cent independent from Oracle.

To apply for our Oracle audit protection service, please complete the application form below. You can be signed up in as little as two days.

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