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Strategic Oracle Advice – Manage Your Relationship with Oracle

Managing your Oracle relationship can be complex, time consuming, and expensive. Oracle technology is probably embedded throughout your company’s operations, and may be the biggest IT vendor spend in your budget. Plus, Oracle is notorious for aggressive sales tactics, unclear business practices, and high-risk audits.

Take back control

We can help you take back control of your relationship with Oracle, bring down your Oracle costs, and reduce the risks associated with audits and compliance.

Our solutions include:

Oracle advice for executives

Your operations rely upon Oracle software – many of the products are excellent, but the costs are high, and the risk of unbudgeted licence and audit frights is even higher. We are experienced in dealing with Oracle at the executive level, so we can speak your language, and maintain the proper balance, to ensure successful outcomes. We’ll help your senior leadership team take control of your Oracle relationship, and lower your risk and costs.

Mergers and acquisitions due diligence

The risks around Oracle licensing and contracting increase exponentially for companies in the midst of restructuring such as mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. Oracle contracts are designed to limit licensing flexibility, and Oracle sales teams are trained to find and exploit any advantage to create leverage and drive up revenue. We can help you through the mergers and acquisitions due diligence process, whether you’re an Oracle customer, or a private-equity, venture capital, or law firm:

  • What risks and opportunities are in your Oracle agreements?
  • Optimise your contracts through renegotiation.
  • What will your compliance situation be as you follow through with your restructuring strategy?
  • Optimise your licensing and infrastructure in the future state.
  • Evaluate your Oracle support costs and help achieve your cost reduction goals.

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Advice for legal firms

Oracle licensing, contracting, and compliance are extremely complex matters which can easily lead to disputes with Oracle, Oracle partners and resellers, or third parties. Oracle has fleets of lawyers and licence experts on hand to protect their interests, but you might not be so well defended.

We empower legal counsel with expert guidance on how they can protect and defend their clients:

  • Licence audit support
  • Negotiation support
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Due diligence

Is migrating to the cloud the right decision for your business?

Being pressured by Oracle to move to the cloud? There’s a good reason for cloud services being in such high demand. Cloud computing offers even the smallest company access to resources and technologies to help them grow. Also, large organisations can quickly scale resources to conserve operational costs and go to market quicker.

Moving to Oracle’s cloud, however, can be a challenge. You may need to discard all the time and money you’ve invested in on-premise licences, support, hardware, and product customisations just because Oracle wants you to move to their cloud.

Our experience is that many organisations that move to the cloud find themselves in a mixed environment, running on a variety of cloud services and on-premise software.

Your decision to move to Oracle’s cloud services should be based on your company’s strategic business goals, not on Oracle’s revenue goals. Our Oracle cloud advice can help your organisation:

  • Achieve optimal terms and pricing when acquiring Oracle cloud services.
  • Navigate the risks, and maximise the opportunities with conversions from traditional on-premise licenses to Oracle “cloud credits”.
  • Take the opportunity to reduce your annual support maintenance bill from Oracle.
  • Most companies using Oracle’s cloud will also maintain on-premise licensing with Oracle. You must be compliant in both environments or face large audit penalties.

Find out more about the licensing implications of Oracle’s cloud.

Software asset management

Our breadth of experience can help your business with your Oracle strategic asset management and discovery tool acquisition, and assess the quality of your Oracle implementation.


An organisation had a third-party outsourcer providing services across all their Oracle environments, including licence management and procurement. The company became concerned that their deployed Oracle licences seemed to be continually increasing and out of sync with support. We determined that the outsource provider was an Oracle partner and reseller. Inadvertently, this provider had been spinning up multiple project environments without thought for licence considerations. If Oracle had launched an audit, the exposure would have been immense. Fortunately, we were able to ring-fence the issue and independently help the organisation ensure the additional environments were closed down and/or licences uninstalled. The organisation has now removed licence management and procurement from the outsourced services. Instead, our strategic Oracle advisory solutions provide them with the appropriate mix of executive, legal, cloud and other advisory services. They can enquire about the effects of any new licence arrangements, secure in the knowledge that we are advising them in their best interest.

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Reduce Oracle support costs

Support fees are crucial to fund Oracle’s entire operation and the company will go to great lengths to protect and expand support fees.

When organisations look to reduce their spend on Oracle, this means reducing their Oracle support costs. Oracle support is probably one of the largest line items in your IT budget. Oracle makes it very difficult to reduce your support spend.

Support reduction strategies can be risky undertakings. Going cap in hand to Oracle or an Oracle reseller can be rewarded instead with an audit.

We can smooth the path to support cost reduction

Our Oracle support cost reduction solutions are designed to educate you, completely review all your available support cost reduction options – their risks and benefits, and develop a strategy tailored for your company.

“I don’t often give out 10s, but I can say without doubt that this engagement is one of those rare exceptions where I can comfortably give out a perfect score. In addition to the significant value the engagement delivered through cost avoidance, I found all of Palisade’s staff to be exceptionally knowledgeable, professional, and responsive throughout, and as a result, I have already started recommending the service to former colleagues and industry partners.”

~ Vendor manager ICT – higher education

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Resources – the Facts of Life

5 steps to get control of your Oracle relationship

According to a study, 92% of organisations feel that Oracle licensing is unclear. This is because Oracle does not require license keys to download software or provision new databases. Oracle software will automatically install and charge customers for premium features by default, even though the customer may not know about or use any of these features. We’ve partnered with CITO Research to publish a white paper, 5 steps to take back control of your Oracle relationship, that discusses strategies for reducing the risks of non-compliance, while maximising the use of Oracle software to achieve your business goals.

5 strategies for CIOs when facing Oracle

While software plays a vital part in business operations, Oracle’s software and services are often the most expensive item in the IT budget. Many CIOs have no idea whether they’re in compliance with their Oracle contracts. We partnered with CITO Research to create a white paper entitled Facing Oracle – 5 strategies for CIOs, that discusses tactics that can help you negotiate favourably, reduce risks, and contain costs with Oracle. Order your copy today.

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